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Carter White Daley is the owner and principal designer for Carter Daley Designs - Interiors. Carter is the third generation in a family of distinguished and talented designers that began with Mildred Thomas & Co., Interiors in Shaker Heights, Ohio over seventy five years ago.

For an insight into Carter's passion for design, you don't have to look further than her own personal and professional roots. She studied French, International Affairs and Art History at both Miami University in Ohio and La Sorbonne in Paris, France. Carter developed a love of all things French, which grew into a new sense of sophistication and an appreciation for a distinctly modern way of doing business in design with traditional and contemporary elements.

Carter's career, like so many, took a few twists and turns before she landed in her own blossoming design firm outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Carter spent time in the fashion industry and in the corporate world, where a portion of her job, overseeing large building renovations, pulled her back to her family roots in design. She did a brief stint at Brunschwig et Fils, the international fabric and furniture company before going to work for Mildred Thomas & Co., Interiors in Ohio and ultimately moving to Boston and starting Carter Daley Designs.

Carter has been fortunate to work on many large and small residential projects, city apartments, beach houses, even boats, in Massachusetts, Florida, Washington DC, Connecticut and Ohio. Her projects have ranged so widely through various periods and styles that it is fair to say that her work is unique to each client's wishes and approach. She has successfully created traditional, transitional, contemporary and eclectic spaces encouraging and facilitating the inclusion of each client's own personality and spirit.

Carter is about color comfort and style. She is always eager to solve the puzzle of proportion and scale, materials and color, design elements and space. Whether she is working on a house in the country or a loft in the city, her process is the same: listen to the clients needs, ideas and desires - define the scope of the project – create a plan and execute with skill and attention to detail. It is always the dash of spice and spirit that makes each project truly come alive.