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Residential Decoration and Designs # Light Office/Commercial Decoration # E-Design

Carter Daley Designs has been fortunate to work on a variety of decorating and design projects over the past several years from ground-up projects, summer home spruce ups, suburban sprawls as well as kitchen and bathroom remodels and additions. Carter has been lucky enough to work in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, Ohio and Florida. We love to help people along the path to living beautifully in their space.

A taste of what we can do for our clients...

  • Consult with the client to determine the scope, goals and objectives for the project
  • Generate functional, fun and aesthetic possibilities for the space
  • Provide layouts, drawings and schemes based on the clients needs and preferences
  • Selection, design and purchase of lighting, fabrics, furnishings, accessories, artwork, wall-covering and other fixtures
  • Design and manage fabrication of custom products and interior details such as paint, woodwork, tile work

E-Designs # Our newest design service offering!

We are excited to offer a more hands-on, do-it-yourself (with our skilled guidance) approach to decorating and design. With your help (you send us photos and measurements as well as some cutouts to give us an idea of your style) we can offer you the benefit of our resources and experience by sending you a plan (via Fedex, in a pretty box). This plan will be complete with layout/floor plan, color schemes, fabric choices, furniture ideas (incorporating any pieces that you may already have and want to re-purpose), window treatment design, and wall-covering suggestions. You will have custom drawings, color photos and tear sheets, paint chips and fabric samples and resources for lighting and furniture choices - all in your personal plan in a box – delivered to your doorstep.

We will email, Skype and/or telephone to discuss your needs and then go over your final plan when the time comes. You can expect to receive your completed plan 4-6 weeks after initial consultation via phone, email or Skype. We will be posting more information about this service in the very near future - until then, feel free to contact us via email or telephone with questions.

Powder room spruce up, bedroom or living room decoration - our E-Design program allows you to do one room at a time, in your own time for a set fee. Prices range from $1,200-$2,500 per room. Let us help you design your room!