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Good Design Is Forever...
Good Design Is Forever...
Whether a fantastic interior space or a fashion statement
# When I was asked to give a talk this week at the Talbots store in Wellesley, MA, I realized, I actually have a lot to say on the subject of interior design, decorative arts and how it can relate to fashion trends and a fantastic wardrobe.

Over the years, I have developed my own thoughts and ideas about "good design", boiling them down into five tenets or goals that I strive to achieve when designing each space. When thinking about relating design and decorative arts to fashion, a wardrobe and an interior space have much in common. Your living space and your wardrobe can be elegant, cozy, crisp, fresh, floral or eclectic.

Collecting and curating your wardrobe and designing and decorating your living space employ many of the same methods.



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When designing a room or living space, like a well thought out wardrobe, I like to keep these simple rules in mind...

The well dressed room should have GOOD BONES. Often you hear builders and Architects describe a house as having good bones. Generally, this means that the rooms have good, solid architectural details and infrastructure (walls, plumbing, electrical wiring). To the Interior Designer and Decorator, this means that the interior of the room should have detail that is interesting (moldings, built-in details, flooring, fireplaces) and be filled with pieces that are timeless in their appeal and quality.

A well dressed room should be VERSATILE. Sometimes this means a room should serve more than one purpose. A home office can double as a guest room. A sofa that becomes a comfortable bed, an armoire that hides office equipment and files, built in drawers in a closet for guests clothing. Efficient use of space and complimentary decor can make the most of your rooms. Versatile can also mean that the room has only one use but the decor can be easily adapted to make the room feel different for various occasions. This can take the form of new bedding in the master bedroom, new silk pillows in the living room or changing the table scape in your dining room. Often we design summer slipcovers to change the furniture feel for the summer months as well as window treatments that are changed out each season for clients.

A well dressed room can be TREND FRIENDLY BUT NOT TRENDY. Trends are fun and add spice to a room and an outfit. A trend can breathe new life into an interior - new throw pillows in the latest animal print or geometric, a fun piece of Mid Century Modern furniture as an accent or a collection of butterfly motif plates on the mantel or even new and fun shaped lampshades. You can even change the paint color (soft grey, hot orange or an elegant aubergine - if it works) on your walls to update an already well designed space to reflect the current fashion. Sometimes the addition of a new trend into a room can prove unexpectedly uplifting!

A well dressed room should be carefully ACCESSORIZED and just as carefully EDITED. Whether adding "trend friendly" spice or simply putting the finishing touches on your room, artwork, decorative objects, personal collections, photos, accent pieces and lighting, it is important to be ruthless in your editing. These items can add personality, glamor, interest and much more but...avoid over-doing-it at all costs! I am a firm believer in buying and collecting what you love and it will find a way to work well in your home. That being said, it is important to gather all of the "things" that you love together and edit them as if you are the curator of your own personal museum. Stand back and look at all that you hold dear and then decide what is worthy of public display and what is better in the museum archives.
A well dressed room is like a well dressed woman (or man for that matter), it should AGE GRACEFULLY. When you walk into a room that has been well designed and cared for throughout the years, it will draw you in, entice you to explore what the room has to offer or to just sit and enjoy its charm and sometimes, if it was really done well, it even gets better with age. This is not to say that threadbare fabric and peeling paint are good things, but quality paint, wallpaper,fabric and furniture in just the right color, combination and juxtaposition will continue to delight the senses.

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